What is Tetrogen.

Tetrogen Day&Night is a 2-step, 24-Hour Cutting Edge Weight Loss System that is infused with 4 Clinically Studied & Patented Ingredients ( IGOB 131, CQR-300, Dyg-400 and Lipofuel) to optimize Metabolic hormones at the cellular level. ( 60 Vegetable, All Natural capsules). Tetrogen Day is formulated with a specifically calibrated blend of all 4 active ingredients plus Green Tea extract that helps boost metabolism, manages blood sugar spikes, and supercharges fat burning with no harmful stimulants or side effects. Tetrogen Night contains a second dose of all 4 active ingredients to control late night cravings plus Melatonin to ensure you rest well because sleep is ideal for fat loss and optimizing Cortisol and Insulin that enables you to burn even more fat.

Jennifer Williams
CEO & Founder

The Story.

Scientists at Gateway Health Alliances ( GWA) based in Fairfield, California joined with leading European Herbal Pharmacists to create 100% Natural, Stimulant-FREE, Highly Bioabsorbable synergetic blend of 4 powerful fat burning extracts that precisely trigger cellular metabolism to quickly achieve and maintain your target weight.

How Tetrogen Helps You Reach Your Weight Loss Goals (Mechanics)

Reduces Appetite and Controls Cravings: Tetrogen has two active ingredients, IGOB-131 and Dyg-400 that help correct Leptin resistance and naturally suppress appetite without cravings.

Prevents Energy From Being Converted into Fat: Tetrogen helps you reach your target weight fast by preventing fat from ever being formed in the first place. Dyg400 helps your body use sugar more efficiently so it doesn’t get stored as fat. IGOB-131 helps prevent the formation of fatty acids and blocks the breakdown of foods into blood sugar. Tetrogen is also the only weight loss supplement on the market made with Lipofuel that helps shrink fat cells and reduce fat levels in your bloodstream. CQR-300 also inhibits the enzyme Amylase activity to slow starch metabolism and the formation of future fat.

Boosts Metabolism to Increase Fat Burning: Tetrogen naturally boosts your body’s metabolism via IGOB-131 that improves Insulin sensitivity which triggers fat metabolism. CQR-300 also enhances your body’s natural ability to burn stored fat including from stubborn areas like the belly, waist, and thighs. Tetrogen Day also includes Green Tea extract that enhances cellular metabolism to burn even more fat.

Converts Excess Calories Into Heat: Tetrogen helps your body convert excess calories into heat so they aren’t stored as fat via Lipofuel. Tetrogen Day is also formulated with Green Tea Extract that has just enough caffeine to help induce thermogenesis but won’t cause jitters or nausea.

Tetrogen Benefits:
  • Helps You Quickly Reach Your Target Weight: In a 10-week Clinical Study without strenuous exercise, participants lost an average of 28 pounds, shed 6.7 inches from waistline, and lost 18.4% of body fat.
  • Burns Stubborn Fat Even in Problem Areas in Belly and Waist
  • Corrects Leptin function to curb cravings
  • Helps Lower LDL Cholesterol (the bad kind)
  • Improves Cardiovascular Health>
  • Lowers Cortisol Levels (stress hormone)
  • Increases Serotonin Levels (happy hormones)
  • Balances blood sugar
  • Improves Insulin Sensitivity so You Burn More Fat
What to expect when start taking Tetrogen
  • Stubborn fat begins to disappear from belly/waist
  • Higher energy levels without jitters or nausea
  • Reduction in appetite without cravings
  • Can still enjoy favorite foods without stopping weight loss progress
What Makes Tetrogen Different Than All Other Weight Loss Supplements
  • Tetrogen consists of 4 patented, clinically tested ingredients that optimize metabolic hormones and helps repair the damage caused by years of starchy diets. Even after reaching your target weight, you can safely continue taking Tetrogen to restore metabolic hormone balance, improve cardiovascular health, and enjoy a wide range of health benefits.
  • Tetrogen uniqueness is that its Day and Night servings provides 24/7 Fat Burning Mechanism. Tetrogen Day increases metabolic rate, boosts daily energy and utilities body fat for daily body functions. Tetrogen Night suppresses evening cravings and continues to metabolize Fat while organism is asleep.
  • Tetrogen is comprehensive Weight Loss Supplement that addresses all aspects of weight loss process: metabolic hormone optimization, fat burning , appetite control, increased metabolic rate without jitteriness and nausea, balance of blood sugar and normalization of cholesterol level.
Shipping Policy

Tetrogen ships worldwide via DHL from warehouses in the U.S. and you will receive a tracking number within 24 hours of shipment. Shipping costs and times vary depending on your location and the shipping method you select when placing your order. Most U.S. shipments arrive within 3-5 business days after placing your order.

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